JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase has built its reputation on financing affordable housing, extending its commitment beyond homeownership and rental housing to include commercial projects, day care and healthcare facilities, special-needs facilities, not-for-profit real estate ventures and more. Its lending and investing activities are designed to help revitalize entire communities — not just standalone structures. Tax-Oriented Investments, a part of the Investment Bank, makes tax credit equity investments in apartments qualifying for Federal Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and, when done in tandem with Section 42 transactions, Federal Section 47 Historic Credits. Known externally as JPMorgan Capital Corporation (JPMCC), it is a nationally recognized leader in the business. JPMCC works closely with other areas of the firm, including Community Development Banking (CDB). JPMCC partners with CDB by providing it access to a variety of transactions through JPMCC's syndicator partners and assuring the developers an efficient and certain execution.

New York , NY