THEARC Phase IV/Washington School for Girls

Washington School for Girls (WSG)

Partners, along with Harbor Bankshares Corporation ($10 million) and Truist Community Capital, LLC ($4 million), contributed a $10 million NMTC sub-allocation for Building Bridges Across the River and WC Smith to develop a new campus that will be the new home of the Washington School for Girls (WSG). WSG is the only tuition-free, independent, all-girls school that intentionally serves a BIPOC population in Washington, DC, and enrolls students in grades 3rd-8th. The new school facility will be a part of THEARC (Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus) in Southeast DC. THEARC Phase IV will bring all students under one roof, feature classrooms with natural light, and dedicate space for a separate library and cafeteria. There will also be a maker’s space for STEM education, robotics, and music classes. WSG’s new facility will allow them to increase their enrollment to 150 students and bring all the students to one building, which will open opportunities for the older students to mentor the younger girls. Expanding THEARC is instrumental in bringing arts, education, and critical services to Southeast DC.

Impact Highlights: BIPOC Owned or Controlled Organization, Woman led organization, Strategic Alliance with nonprofit partners, Education Equity

UN Sustainable Goals: 3 – Quality Education, 2 – Gender Equality, 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities


Washington , DC

PCG Loan Amount: 

$10 000 000

Total Loan Amount: 

$24 000 000